Make Translation of FLVPlayer4Free

Dear user, if you wish to improve the FLVPlayer4Free project you have the chance of translating it into your language.

It's easy, just follow a few steps:

1. Through Explorer go to folder where flv is installed:

If you have XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data\FLVPlayer4Free\languages

If you have VISTA - 7 :


2. Copy the lan_english.txt to lan_yourlanguagename.txt
3. Translate the file lan_yourlanguagename.txt with a text editor
4. Exit( if you've started) FLVPlayer4Free
5. Start FLVPlayer4Free again
6. Now select Language through the menu (right click) and then "yourlanguagename"
7. You can now enjoy FLVPlayer4Free in your language!

If you wish to do your bit, please send lan_yourlanguagename.txt to and don't hesitate to attach any suggestions for a prompt improvement of FLVPlayer4Free.

It will be included in the next release and available for all the users of FLVPlayer4Free.

Thank you!