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Another Free alternative for playing MP4 video files is UMPlayer

UMPlayer free mp4 download

How to play mp4 videos with FLVPlayer4Free

MP4 Player software step 1:
Install and Run FLVPlayer4Free MP4 Player.

MP4 Player - FLVPlayer4Free Main Window

MP4 Player software step 2:
Press "Open Media File" button.

MP4 Player - FLVPlayer4Free Open Media File Button

MP4 Player software step 3:
MP4 video automically start.

How to play mp4 videos with FLVPlayer4Free with drag & drop

MP4 Player software with drag & drop step 1:
Drag single MP4 video or multiple MP4 videos from your desktop or from explorer to FLVPlayer4Free.

How to play mp4 videos automatically with FLVPlayer4Free

Automaticaly MP4 Player step 1:
From Explorer or from Desktop selec mp4 video.

Automaticaly MP4 Player step 2:
Right click and select "Open with" then "Choose default program...".

Automaticaly MP4 Player step 3:
Check "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".

Automaticaly MP4 Player step 4:
press "Browse..." button.

Automaticaly MP4 Player step 5:
Select "C:\Program Files" then "FLVPlayer4Free" directory then "FLVPlayer4Free.exe".

Automaticaly MP4 Player step 6:
Press "Open" then "OK".

Automaticaly MP4 Player step 7:
Now, every time you launch MP4 video, FLVPlayer4Free play it automatically.


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